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Repair Damaged Windows System Registry
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  • Repair Windows System Registry Files.

    Posted on October 24th, 2010 admin No comments

    eRepair Registry – a small registry recovery tool with a huge potential

    eRepair Registry (download) restores data from damaged Windows registry files. Because it uses a clever algorithm, the recovery process is simple and easy.  There are two modes – Automatic and Advanced (manual). The automatic mode is just that – automated, so that you are not really involved in the recovery process and the registry data is restored with a series of mouse clicks. You just choose the file, view it, and save it.  The advanced mode takes your through the damaged file’s actual structures so you can look at is elements and their properties, choose what you want to keep, and then save all the data to the proper output file. eRepair Registry is a fast program, it can process a normal sized file in under one minute.

    Registry recovery tool

    The program’s interface is very easy to use and intuitive. A step-by-step wizard combines ease of use with efficiency for people of any computer skill level. Both modes, ask you to follow the easy on-screen instructions for each step – the program does the rest. Step one of the wizard allows you to specify the name file path of the corrupted file.  In the advanced (manual) mode, you can accomplish this using one of a few options.  You can choose a file frpm the dropdown menu, use the standard Windows dialog, or enter the file name and path into the tool’s input field.  Then, press the Next button you see in the lower part of the program window. The program will ask you to confirm, and then it will scan and analyze the file, showing you the steps of the process along the way.

    A tree-like table will be shown that will show you all the file elements that the program will be able to recover. Click the Show service information box to see simple information about the selected element. This is the last step of the restoration process. Click the Save button to open the Windows save file option to select the name and location of the the file where you want the data to be saved.  It may take longer if your computer is slow or if the file is very large or complex. Last, eRepair Registry shows a log of the restoration attempt along with information you should know about the parameters and numbers of keys repaired.

    Since Windows 3.1 employed this program several years ago, the system registry has become more an more important to the success of the Windows operating system. It is no longer necessary to keep system and program settings in multiple INI, CFG and other configuration files.  These days, nearly all OS-related settings are stored in the registry. The system registry is the database at the center of Windows.  It is hierarchical and it is used to store the low-level program settings related to Windows services, the kernel, device drivers, system policies, and user interface.  Without this registry, an operating system is vulnerable to virus attacks, user error, system malfunction, and more.  Losing these files can be devastating, and you programs could fail to work altogether.  It can be time consuming and costly to lose that data kept in Registry, which is why it is important to download eRepair Registry today to protect your OS and your peace of mind. It is easy to use, it is fast, and you can count on it to repair a damaged registry file to keep your operating system working properly.